Our mission
on GCC platforms


Developing new tourism destinations and products based on culture and siding with the people who are integrated between regencies/cities throughout Bali.


Building and developing culture-based small and medium-sized industries (Bali branding) to strengthen the economy of Krama Bali.


Improving the quality standards of tourism services in a comprehensive manner and increasing the promotion of Bali tourism at home and abroad by developing innovation and new creativity.


Developing Balinese manners of life, managing the area, and the environment which, green, beautiful, and clean.


Name : GCC Token

Symbol : GCC

Decimals : 8

Network : Binance smartchain

Total supply : 1,000,000,000,000

Minting : No

Burn : Yes

Already burned

20 %

Our roadmap
we leading the right road

GCC Real Project

Digital Asset Development Business With The TRI HITA KARANA concept and the FIRST concept in the WORLD waste is exchanged for GCC TOKEN

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